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Flint & Berry Rosé
Flint & Berry Rosé

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Flint & Berry Rosé

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Bright, Herbaceous & Berried

Flint & Berry takes on the structure of dry sparkling Rosé with influence from the acidic soils and terroir we need for growing both grapes and berries, a toast to the season both grapes and berries share.

We take seasonal fruit, local spirits, local botanicals and some pretty fun techniques to extract a super balanced profile, reminiscent of Rose Champagne with not a drop of it in there. ⁠

The idea of this project is to open our eyes to similarities between flavours, structure and the nature of fruit whether fresh off the vine or via treatment, we wanted to showcase how, with a little bit of thought & understanding, you can create something pretty, delicate and overall special!⁠

6 x Glasses per bottle

Ingredients:  Boysenberry Rum - Green Apple Skin - Pink Pepper - Nettle Wine

ABV: 17.5%
STYLE: Fridge Pour, Champagne flute