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Roots, Roast & Leftovers

Roots Roast & Leftovers was a fun collaboration to make use of Mikey’s Leftover Prep/Mise En Place from Story to Napkin alongside the leftover/soon to pass produce and cordials that Mea Culpa had surplus before the Christmas holidays.

Mikey and the boys (Bill & Jeremy) from Mea Culpa went about creating a menu of classic twists using regional ingredients and leftovers, tying in their concepts with culture and local techniques. Some of the drinks were recreations from Mikey’s Story To Napkin tour and the rest were complete amalgamations put together from a mixture of both elements.

The night itself was a great little event and really helped to get a view the general public’s take on the use of “Waste/Leftover” products over the bar.

The Vibe was great on the whole and the drinks were amazingly well received, The Hangi Colada and the Roastie Toastie food offering being the most popular overall.

Check out the recipe for the “Hangi Cordial” here. 

The Roastie Toasties were especially awesome as we had pulled the leftover flesh and goodness from the potatoes and Kumara, after making the “Hangi” cordial and then turned them into a chutney for the toasties.